How Narcissist are we?


The term ‘narcissist’ draws up bombastic images in one’s mind of loud, arrogant and conceited individuals who are eternally admiring their reflection and posting a minute by minute update of their escapades on social network.
Narcissism got its name from the Greek hero Narcissus who fell head over heels with the reflection of his face in a pool of water that he drowned in it. (Males are more prone to Narcissism) –
Psychology considers narcissism, a personality disorder.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is defined as extreme selfishness, with a grandiose view of one’s own talents and a craving for admiration, as characterizing a personality type. self-centeredness arising from failure to distinguish the self from external objects, either in very young babies or as a feature of mental disorder and excessive interest in or admiration of oneself and one’s physical appearance. (Heavy stuff)
I feel Narcissism is self-esteem gone horribly wrong!
I remember a candidate I interviewed and ultimately selected. He had a charming personality and an aura of confidence about him that I feel most people found irresistible. A few months down the line Narcissus revealed himself in full glory! I feel excessive self-esteem did the job. Sometimes good leaders bite the dust because of these traits.
It is not necessarily that narcissists are proud and loud. Often we see that they can be reserved and shy by nature. I have noticed that narcissists may not be more attractive than others but they generally are very particular about their personal appearance usually visiting the best of hairdressers and beauty parlors as well as having a good collection of apparel in their wardrobe.
Narcies usually don’t realize and generally never accept the fact that they are narcissists. They don’t accept criticism in a healthy way.  Another aspect of narcies are they have a large number of friends on social network platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and also a larger number of attractive photographs in their albums. Narcissists are also known to have more number of broken friendships and relationships.
If you feel you are slipping into situations where Narcissism is rearing its ugly head please take time to analyze your nature and approach to certain everyday situations.


If you are talking more about yourself or leading conversations that usually end up revolving about you, you need to introspect.

If you feel it is never your fault when things go wrong and you end up pointing fingers or blaming others, you need to analyze.

For example, you are having dinner with a group of people and you feel compelled to order the most expensive wine, even if it is not a special occasion, chances are materialism is taking front stage and you may want to live a standard higher than your means, flash new and expensive items and brag about them, then there are chances you are a narcissist.

You can’t take criticism in a healthy way and feel you are special, unique and superior to others.

All this points to narcissism. I feel all of us have a tiny Narcissist hiding in the shadows inside us and it depends solely on how we nurture this characteristic, either manifesting it in all its glory or rise above it all, keeping our amour-propre intact.

Peace out for now ✊

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