Alcoholism – A social Evil

Have you ever experienced opening the refrigerator door and staring, hoping something chocolate will suddenly appear? or maybe your favorite ice cream or better still a really really chilled bottle of your favorite beer which is chilled to the extent that in the next few minutes it will turn to ice, and then you hear the pop of the bottle opening… you don’t even wait to slowly pour it into a tall beer glass… you put the bottle directly to your mouth and take a large swig and the flow of the iced, fizzy liquid slowly courses down your parched throat just like life giving water soaking into the arid and bone dry earth on a hot summer day ……

The ultimate situation!

I was in the middle of a similar fantasy, when suddenly the taste in my mouth was anything but the bitter sweet taste of beer……… I was rudely jolted out of my reverie by the loud decibels of my wife’s vocals booming in my ears and vibrating my eardrums.

I was sipping from an orange squash bottle which was a carry forward from a few years prior (normally a refrigerator in India is a store house of any such commodities that can be stored and remains there for years together)

“Snap out of it!” she yelled, “That’s the second time this week you have done this! You should see a psychiatrist!”

“Maybe the heat is getting to you” –
 “That’s why I need the beer” – I thought to myself.

 My wife the antagonist of any liquid that contains even the lowest amount of alcohol has gone to extreme extents to get me out of sipping my favorite brew, not that I am a sworn alcoholic or addicted to the demon drink. I proudly proclaim myself an ‘Occasional drinker’.

This situation got me thinking why are Women so much against alcohol and boozing, even if consumed in negligible quantity.

Alcoholism is a predominant evil in society and has destroyed many a household and caused unlimited deaths by drunken driving etc.We do read periodically about various agitations of women against alcoholism.Women sitting on a dharna for removal of liquor outlets (wine shops) from residential areas, near educational institutions etc.

But the desired outcome is always disputable and soon people forget their initial objectives.

The government offers irrelevant solutions which the czars of the liquor business bend in their favor very easily. The latest being the distance of the liquor shop from national highway should be 500 meters (later reduced to 220 meters).

The shops and pubs in the city have their usual crowds of drunken elements moving around the roads in zombie states disrupting the traffic and making a mockery of themselves.

Overuse or excessive consumption of anything is bad.Addiction is the usual outcome making Alcoholism one of the top five social evils in the world.

Prohibition of liquor in various states has also not proved very effective with the sale of spurious liquor and bootlegging escalating.

(Liquid for thought, oops… Food for thought.)

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